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Apply Here

Due to COVID-19 the application and interview process will be conducted online until further notice.  To apply to participate in the program, applicants and their parents should complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Student and Parent portion of the Participant Application.  Please go to where you will be asked to enter the name and e-mail addresses of the student and the parent/guardian who will be completing the application. The application will then be routed to the student and then the parent/guardian via e-mail.
  2. Request that at least one teacher and your guidance counselor complete recommendations forms
  3. Send a copy of any current grades, transcript, and test scores to with the student’s name in the subject line.
  4. Submit a release of information form to us at with the student’s name in the subject line:

Baltimore City Release Form – Please download this form if you attend a Baltimore City High School

Baltimore County Release Form – Please download this form if you attend a Baltimore County High School

Once all parts of the application are received, a member of the Upward Bound staff will contact you to conduct a phone or online interview.

Do you have any questions about the application process? Please feel free to contact us. We can be reached by phone: (410)455-2814 or email.

For more information on income eligibility, please visit: