Participant Information

This is the location of various information relevant to participants of the Upward Bound Program and their parents/guardians.

Bus Schedule

Junior Credential Reviews: Junior’s who intend to participate in the Junior College Tour must first schedule and attend a Junior Credential Review.  This is a critical time in the college admission process.  During the credential review, we will review your transcript to ensure you are meeting all state graduation requirements.  We will also give you details about the Junior College tour.
For a quick overview, watch this video.
The Classic Upward Bound program has partnered with to provide on-demand tutoring for our participants.  Our site is located at If you haven’t received your login information, contact us to get it.

College Board Opportunity Scholarships 
For each of 6 benchmarks you meet in your college application process, the College Board provides an opportunity for you to be entered to win a scholarship toward your college education.  It’s simple, you get rewarded for doing what you plan to do anyway! Visit The College Board Website as early as your Junior Year to get started.